Greek White Truffle Oil

The Greek truffle, well-known since antiquity, is highly acclaimed for its exceptional flavor, which experts attribute to Greece’s calcium-rich lands. To produce the truffle products “OFELIA” we travel throughout Greece in order to carefully select only the highest-quality truffles. We never use unripe, overripe or any other truffles having the slightest flaw in quality or flavor. In addition, our choice to use only fresh truffles contributes significantly to the creation of an exceptionally aromatic final product. Our White Truffle Oil is a perfect combination of extra-virgin olive oil and white truffle extract. It provides a unique truffle flavor to soups, pasta, risotto, salads, veal, chicken and duck.

INGREDIENTS: Extra-virgin olive oil, white truffle extract (tuber magnatum pico), natural flavor
CONTENT: 60 ml