After a long series of exhilarating journeys around Greece with the sole purpose of discovering the most extraordinary ingredients of this blessed and fertile land, we carefully selected only the most fresh and nutritious ingredients, which are grown using the most natural methods. All the olives, fruits, vegetables, herbs and other ingredients of our products are as fresh and as natural as they can possibly be. No artificial additives, sweeteners or preservatives have been added to any of them.

These naturally grown and painstakingly selected ingredients have been combined with precision according to the most original recipes of traditional Greek cuisine.
Our sole purpose was to preserve their superior taste and nutritious value. Our products are highly-acclaimed for their natural texture, original flavor and exquisite taste.

By bringing all these exceptional products together, we created Ofelia, a new family of products worthy of their name, offering great “benefit” and “value” to the health of the body, mind and soul!